72 YEARS OF MUSIC:  1945 TO 2018
                                      Walt Groller Orchestra

                           Bringing People Together Through Music

  • Television and Recording Artists
  • Recording on Chalet Records
  • Elected into the International Polka Music Hall of Fame 1986
  • Nominated for Grammy Awarded 1988
  • Awarded Golden merit Award from the Republic of Austria 1990
  • Our Golden Hearts Award for Seventy-One Years of Entertaining.
  • 2017 Lehigh Valley Linny Awards winner.
                          The Walt Groller Orchestra thanks everyone for sharing
72 Years of Festival Seasons            
   2018  ENJOY YOURSELVES!      


                                                       Looking forward to seeing you in 2018!    

The unique sound of  WALT GROLLER ON THE ACCORDION  Friday evenings in October at the

EVERGREEN COUNTRY CLUB, 415 Hartz Road, Fleetwood, Pa.  Call for reservations 610-944-7501